When it comes time to purchasing a new HVAC system for either residential or commercial, all buyers are in for a difficult time unless you know what to look for. There are so many models and brands to choose from. Do you know which model or brand is correct for you and your Connecticut home or business?

We at Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC are here to help you answer questions like:

  • What HVAC system do you need exactly? Do you know the differences in the systems available?
  • What will deliver the best performance while saving you a large sum of money?
  • Moreover, what model best fits into your budget?

On top of these questions, there are several brands to consider that may fit into your specifications. Luckily, you can trust in Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC to carry widely-known and reputable brands such as Weil Mclain, Peerless, Rheem, A.O. Smith, and a few others.

Allow us to formally introduce these trusted brands:

Weil Mclain

Weil-Mclain is a brand known for all-around models that are designed to work hand-in-hand, ranging from boils, indirect fired water heaters, terminal radiation, and heat exchanges. Everything you need for home comfort is found in a Weil-Mclain model.


Peerless handles both residential and commercial models. As a leader in the hydronic heating industry, you can expect excellence and innovation that results in a superior HVAC system. All Peerless products are Energy Star rated.


With nearly over 100 years of operation and a hand in multiple industries, Rheem brings together the best technological advances as well as elegant design to residential and commercial split system HVAC units, air conditioners, and heaters. Because of this, Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America.

A.O. Smith

Having been around since 1874, AO Smith is another brand that has expanded into multiple industries. AO Smith has been a top name in water heating systems for both residential and commercial buildings for many years and was one of the first US businesses to sell water heaters to China. Sustainable, reliable, and smart.

Each of these brands offer a wide selection of HVAC systems that can fit your needs. Our service professionals will be more than happy to provide assistance with selecting the HVAC system that is perfect for your Connecticut home or business. 

Now, let’s quickly touch on the some of the common HVAC system types.

Types of HVAC Systems
Once you have decided to either repair or replace your current HVAC system with a new one, you should be considering which system is correct for your residence or business.

Heating and Air Conditioning Split Systems
Split systems are the classic heating and air conditioning element. These are the traditional types of HVAC systems where the whole system can either be inside or outside of the building. Split systems typically have:

-- An air conditioner cooling the refrigerant
-- Furnaces and fan or evaporator coil
-- Ducts to carry air throughout the building
-- Control panels or thermostats to control the temperature
-- Optional accessories like air purifiers, cleaners, humidifiers, etc.

Hybrid Heat Split Systems
A more advanced version of the traditional split system is the hybrid, which excels in improved efficacy and efficiency. A heat pump allows for the option of having electricity fuel the HVAC system instead of a gas furnace.

-- The heat pump heats or cools the refrigerant
-- Utilizes a furnace and an evaporator coil
-- Ducts channel air
-- Control panels and/or thermostats
-- Optional accessories for indoor air quality improvement

Duct-Free Split Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
The duct-free system is an excellent choice for areas or buildings where a conventional system cannot work. Duct-free systems have the following elements:

-- A heat pump or air conditioner to heat/cool refrigerants
-- Compact fan coils
-- Wires and tubing

Packaged Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
When you have a house or business that isn't compatible with a duct system or larger units, a packaged heating and air conditioning system is your best bet. These units contain:

-- An air conditioner and heat pump combined with the evaporator and fan coil in one unit
-- A thermostat on the actual unit
-- Optional air quality accessories

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a consultation about which system or brand is correct for you!

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